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Lamb shawarma $14

14hr pulled tender lamb, tomato, pickles, house made dill aioli, thick cut chips inside warm flat bread

- Add a side of thick cut chips $4

Chicken shawarma $13

Grilled tender chicken, tomato, pickles, Harissa chilli, house made aioli, thick cut chips inside warm flat bread

- Add a side of thick cut chips $4.5

Chipotle chicken Burrito $18

Smokey grilled chicken, Guacamole, charred corn, tomato salsa, Chipotle aioli, soft cumin rice & green lentils on a 12-inch soft tortilla bread

- Add crispy bacon/ thick cut chips $4.5

Power up sandwich $16

Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, tomato, spinach, cheese on warm Turkish bread Grilled

Halloumi instead of bacon (VEG O)

Brekkie burrito (VEG) $15

Scrambled eggs, crushed avocado, tomato salsa, sesame glazed sweet potato, Danish feta on a 12-inch soft tortilla bread

- Add grilled Halloumi/ crispy bacon $4.5

Gozleme (Vegan option avail) $14

Served with a side salad & mint yoghurt.

Choose from:

Chilli Potato| Vegetarian| Veggie Plus| Spinach & Cheese| Sucuk| Beef


Toast with Spread (VEG) $6

Two slices of toasted sourdough/ multigrain bread served w/ butter & your choice of two spreads including: strawberry jam/ organic orange marmalade/organic fig jam/ peanut butter or vegemite

Granola bowl w/ poached apple (VEG) $16

Granola mix, fresh berries, roasted nuts, coconut yoghurt, soft apple poached w/ cinnamon, cardamom, & saffron, served w/ your choice of milk


Umm Ali (VEG) $19 

Rich warm pudding made w/ shredded Croissant, raisins, milk, rose & orange blossom water, topped w/ roasted nuts & fresh berries

Fruit bread (VEG) $7

Two toasted slices of sourdough made w/ figs, currants, raisins and apricots served w/ butter

Free range eggs on toast (VEG) $11

Two eggs cooked your way on sourdough/ multigrain bread w/ a side of butter (Do not forget to check the sides & extras for your favorite additions!)

Big Brekkie $22

Two eggs cooked your way, bacon, Sujuk, mushroom, roasted tomato, sautéed spinach on sourdough

 Halloumi & avocado instead of bacon &  Sujuk (VEG O)

Buttermilk Waffles with fresh Berries (VEG) $16

Our house-made buttermilk waffles served w/ fresh berries, topped w/ vanilla ice- cream & finished w/ a drizzle of Add bacon $4.5

Spicy harissa eggs (VEG) $21

Scrambled eggs made w/ fresh chilli, our Moroccan harissa, topped w/ smooth Labne, pesto oil drizzle, fried onions, avo, seasonal herbs and a sprinkle of zaatar & sumac on multigrain toast

Shakshuka Tagine (VEG) $19

An authentic hearty middle eastern dish of two eggs cooked in a rich tomato, red and green capsicum based sauce, special spices, harissa, topped with Labne, Jordanian zaatar & sumac w/ a serve of warm Turkish bread

- Add halloumi/ Sujuk $4.5

Smashed avocado (VEG) $20

Crushed Australian avocadoes w/ fresh garden thyme & lime topped with cherry tomato, house-made smooth Labne, mixed leaves, Zaatar, roasted sesame & black seeds w/ a soft poached egg on multigrain toast

Beetroot relish and mushrooms instead of Labne & egg (VGN O)

- Add crispy bacon $4.5/ Garlic roasted mushrooms $4.5


Pulled Lamb Burger $22

12h pulled lamb, mixed green leaves, beetroot, tomato, cheddar cheese, pickles, mustard & dill sauce w/ a side of chick cut chips


Halloumi & Eggplant Burger (VEG) $21

Lightly fried halloumi cheese, beetroot, roasted tomato, cheddar cheese, fried eggplant, house-made aioli & dill sauce w/ a side of thick cut chips


Chicken Burger $21

Grilled tender chicken, cos lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded carrot, cheddar cheese, beetroot relish, house-made herbed mayo w/ a side of thick cut chips

- Add crispy bacon $4.5

- Add fried egg $2

Warm Chicken Salad $23

Grilled chicken, crispy kale, crushed avocado, beetroot, house-roasted sesame & seed mix, lightly fried raisins, cherry tomato, cos lettuce, spinach, spring onion, carrot & currants finished w/ a drizzle of our special tangy herb dressing  Halloumi instead of chicken (VEG O)

Falafel & Hummus (VGN O)

Mujadara (VEG) $20

Lightly fried halloumi, crispy fried onion, beetroot, raisins, mint yogurt, house-made harissa, mixed leaves, poached egg and roasted nuts on a bed of soft rice & green lentils cooked in authentic middle- eastern spices

- Add grilled chicken $4.5


Fritter stack (VEG) $20

Corn, zucchini and carrot fritters stacked w/ crushed avocado, halloumi, poached egg, tomato relish & young herbs

- Add smoked salmon/ crispy bacon $4.5

Bowl of chips $7

Thick cut chips served w/ house-made aioli dip


Bowl of Wedges $8

Golden wedges w/ sour cream & sweet chilli


S.L.A.T $17

Smoked salmon, mixed leaves, avocado, fresh mint, cheddar cheese, fried egg, house-made dill sauce on Turkish bread


B.L.A.T $15

Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, house made aioli and a fried egg on Turkish bread


H.L.A.T (VEG) $14

Halloumi, lettuce, avocado, tomato, house made aioli and a fried egg on Turkish bread


F.L.A.T (VEG) $14

House made falafel & hummus, mixed greens, fresh mint, avocado, tomato, pickles w/ our home-style tahini sauce on warm Turkish bread


Grilled chicken sandwich $16

Tender house-marinated grilled chicken w/ avocado tomato, cheddar cheese, mixed leaves, house made aioli on Turkish pide

Garlic Thyme mushroom (VEG) $15

Roasted Australian Portobello mushrooms, tomato relish, spinach & house made Labne and dill aioli on multigrain toast

Egg & bacon roll $8  

Fried free range egg, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese in a soft brioche bun

- choose from BBQ, tomato or aioli sauce

Cheese & tomato toastie or Croissant (VEG) $6

Made w/ cheddar cheese, fresh tomato & buttered sourdough bread/ Croissant


Ham & cheese toastie or Croissant $7

Made w/ cheddar cheese, smoked ham & buttered sourdough bread/ Croissant



Cheese & sweet potato Omelette $11

Free range eggs made w/ cheddar cheese, sweet potato cubes on buttered sourdough


Egg & cheese roll $7

Scrambled egg w/ melted cheddar cheese in a soft Brioche bun


Free range egg & bacon $10

Scrambled egg w/ on a slice of white sourdough toast served w/ crispy bacon

Waffle & ice cream $9

Warm waffle served with ice-cream, rainbow sprinkles and Canadian maple syrup

American style waffles $9

Warm waffle served with crispy bacon and Canadian maple syrup

- Add scrambled egg $2

Chicken nuggets & chips $9

Thick cut chips w/ golden crispy chicken nuggets served w/ tomato sauce

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The Nicholson Coffee House was established in 2019 by a couple of foodies who didn't want to play outside with their siblings but instead chose to study their mum's cooking in the kitchen. 'We learnt the flavors and understood the textures. To us, the kitchen was an experimental chemistry lab'.

Now, all grown up, we took the traditional dishes we learnt, modernized them, added a sprinkle of creativity and a whole lot of passion to make the dishes we are proud to share with you today.


Shop 6, 14-20 Nicholson Street, Coburg VIC 3058

Tel: (03) 9193 6081


Every day: 7am - 4:00pm

Kitchen closes at 3:30pm

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